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DESCRIPTION: By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. You may not realize it, but Naruto is way dirtier than you may realize.

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Sasuke purposely locked them in and threw the key out the window. Just Sakura, in all her sexy glory, and himself. Together. Alone. She was. Sasuke whispered to Sakura, who turned to him, and smirked. "You told me to wear something sexy, so I bought the hottest things at that. Anime: Naruto Personagens: Sasuke e Sakura Uchiha I Hate sakura and the sasusaku ship but Sasuke looks so hot and sexy in this pic, I can't deal with it.

This is my very first mature fanfiction. It's sort of long I guess I was stalling. The air was hot and thick, with no wind, not even a faint breeze to give mercy to the heat. Sasuke rolled over onto his side, his sleeping bag peeling off his chest and stomach with his movement. He took in a deep breath, filling his lungs with hot air and causing him to groan in discomfort. It was the middle of summer and Team 7 had been assigned to deliver a package to a distant village. They could have done a simple mission, maybe something in the cool shade of the forest.

Of course though, Naruto had to open his big mouth and got them landed spending a night in a crappy tent on one of the hottest nights of the year. Sasuke wouldn't have so much to complain about, after all it was a B rank mission, but what pissed him Sakura and sasuke sexy was the fact that he had to share his tent with Sakura. The arrangement was probably for the best. Kakashi-sensei was a pervert, so he couldn't share a tent with the pink-haired kunoichi, and at this point Kakashi was the only on in the team that wasn't willing to kill the blonde moron.

Still, Sasuke was not happy with having to sleep next to the obnoxious girl. Wait, no, she wasn't a girl anymore. Sasuke hated to admit it, but Sakura had grown into quite a woman.

She has taller, and even though her face retained some of her childish features, her body revealed her Sakura and sasuke sexy a very sexy seventeen-year-old. Sakura wasn't sexy, she was just Her neck was slender, having lost all the plumpness of a child and spanned out forming delicate shoulders, and she had breasts. They were petite, but larg enough to fill in the once baggy red dress that now seemed to hug all her soft curves. That reminded him of her light peach skin.

He had never given much thought to it, but he wouldn't mind brushing his hand, or Sakura and sasuke sexy his cheek over her Sakura and sasuke sexy, just to feel how warm and smooth she was. Sakura and sasuke sexy thoughts, as if a lullaby, Sakura and sasuke sexy coaxed him to sleep.

Sasuke peered around him, finding nothing but water and darkness Sakura and sasuke sexy around. The liquid engulfing his shins and knees steamed, the hot fumes making him sweat. A sweet voice tickled his ear. He turned quickly and came to face a woman with blush colored hair and a thin white sheet wrapped lazily around her form. Her eyes seemed to be two Sakura and sasuke sexy orbs filled with lust, and seduction rested on her lips that coiled into a fine grin.

Sakura stepped up close to him, the waters around her legs appearing undisturbed. Sasuke looked down at her, taken by bright, sparkling eyes when then the sheet slid casually off the short tilt of her chest and bobbed in the water before sinking. His breathing skipped as she so shamelessly took his hand and pressed it to her bare breast. Sasuke shot up, taking in air through his dry mouth. He must have been breathing heavily like this in his sleep for his throat was very sore.

When he finally calmed down, he wiped the sweat from his forehead in a sloppy Sakura and sasuke sexy. He swallowed and let Sakura and sasuke sexy neck rest. Looking down at his lap, Sasuke realized that his dream had stimulated an erection, making a lump in his white shorts. Sakura sat up on her sleeping bag, her head tilted to one side as she looked at him.

It appeared that she had been rid of her red dress, perhaps due to the heat, and she wore Sakura and sasuke sexy tight, black shorts and a short-sleeve mesh shirt. Sasuke couldn't help but notice that, by the way her arms were positioned, her bust had been pushed together, showing off a small amount of cleavage.

He bit his bottom lip for he could feel his erection worsening. Sasuke pulled his sleeping bag over his lap in a desperate attempt to hide his problem. Sakura hung her head in shame.

Through all the years Sakura and sasuke sexy had known each other, Sasuke remained still very distant from her. When they were young, she fought all the girls in the village for his company and even though she still harbored strong feelings for him, she had long ago given up on winning his love and now just wanted his friendship.

Earning the Uchiha's trust was more possible, but still a challenge. She peeked up at him through pieces of stray pink hair when her gaze was immediately drawn to the lump that the blanket failed to conceal. Her face turned a light pink, her eyes turning toward an emotionless face, shrouded in black hair. Was he having a bad dream, or something else? Her curiosity raged as her imagination brought up several different conclusions. Was he thinking of a girl in the village?

She gulped at the very idea of it being Ino. Her thoughts lingered on this for a moment until she was on edge. She had to know what was Sakura and sasuke sexy on with him. With another nervous gulp, Sakura pulled her courage together and leaned forward, her hand reaching out to the Uchiha. Her fingernails gingerly scrapped across his shoulder blades, instigating a hushed grunt from him as he arched his back Sakura and sasuke sexy away.

What the hell was that? She hardly touched him. Sakura, feeling rejected, placed a hand gently on his upper arm, begging his attention.

Suddenly, Sasuke shot his arm passed his chest and grasped her Sakura and sasuke sexy as he twisted around to face her. She gasped in shock before he pounced at her, pushing her onto her back and swinging his leg over her body as he mounted her.

Sakura suddenly realized just how aroused Sasuke was, feeling his stiff erection against the skin just below her belly-button. Sasuke crushed his lips against hers in a bruising kiss and pulling away slowly, keeping his face Sakura and sasuke sexy centimeters for her shocked expression. Not even a second ago he didn't seem to notice her presence at all, and now her life long crush was on top of her.

Sakura's breathing had increased, looking at him with a mix of emotions from happiness to confusion. However she didn't have much time to ponder this before lips met hers again gently. Sasuke pushed his tongue to her Sakura and sasuke sexy and forced his way into her mouth.

He liked kissing her. He liked the sweet taste of her mouth. He liked the feeling of their tongues dancing together and messaging each other. He pushed his lips closer, wanting to take in more of her as the kiss heated up. Sasuke pulled away quickly to catch his breath and resting his forehead against her shoulder. He gritted his teeth as his member steadily increased in size until he figured it was not going to be easy to be rid Sakura and sasuke sexy it.

Pushing himself up, he hovered over her, breathing so heavily Sakura and sasuke sexy chest was visibly moving up and down. He swallowed again then took the rim of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, tossing it to the side. Sakura blushed more and went to cover her half naked torso, Sasuke stopping her as he slid his hands under her, slightly tickling her so that she arched her back and unclipped the dainty bra.

She gasped, feeling the straps fall loose on her shoulders. Hesitantly, she slipped the Sakura and sasuke sexy off and allowing Sasuke to dispose of it as he had done to her shirt. He ogled her only a moment before leaning down to her. He traced her collar bone with his index finger then down her delicate skin to her breast. Flicking her pink nipple with his thumb forced a moan from the kunoichi. Sasuke grinned at his triumphed and cupped her breast with his hand, rubbing it lightly and bringing more slight moans from her.

He continued to massage her breast, causing small sighs and moans from the pink-haired girl. Gently dropping himself on her, Sasuke kissed the skin of her breast then lapped her nipple, playing and teasing it with his tongue as he stroked her other nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

Sakura breathed in quickly and tilted her Sakura and sasuke sexy back, Sasuke's actions exciting her greatly. Sasuke continued to taunt her when Sakura felt a pressure against her inner thigh. To occupied in her Sakura and sasuke sexy, she squirmed, trying to reposition herself in a more comfortable position, unknowingly arousing the boy on top of her even more so.

Sasuke pulled away a little and held back a moan. In an effort to stop her, Sakura and sasuke sexy pushed his groin to her and against the sensitive area between her legs.

A jolt of pleasure shot through Sakura's belly as she moaned a little louder than she had before. Sakura's face burned with a color that put her hair to shame and she hesitantly looked over at him. He had lifted his head and was now gazing at her with not an angry look, but an interested one. Not wanting to lose this, Sakura moved her hand down the length of his body, looking into his eyes that watched with the utmost eagerness, and placed a hand firmly over the hard bump that pushed against the jean material.

Sasuke moaned and rested his head on her chest as she rubbed Sakura and sasuke sexy erection and smiled, happy to be pleasing him. Cautiously, she pulled up and slipped her hand down into his unbuttoned shorts, pressing her fingers Sakura and sasuke sexy his member with only Sakura and sasuke sexy thin material of his boxers between them.

Sasuke drew his head up with a moan and kissed Sakura passionately while grabbing her wrist and pulling her hand out. He grinned and kissed her again then slid down her body, Sakura and sasuke sexy the rim of her own shorts and pulling them down to her knees along with her panties.

She blushed furiously before he moved his hand closer, parting the lips of her mound with his finger and faintly brushed across a nerve that immediately sent a cool wave across her body. She breathed in sharply Sakura and sasuke sexy tilted her head back again, silently begging for more. He slid a single finger in and felt the smooth texture of her walls. She moaned as he started to move his finger in and out.

That is my very commencement mature fanfiction. It's categorize of extensive I suspicion I was stalling. The air was hot and thick, with no be made, not exact a subdued breeze to give liberality to the heat. Sasuke rolled upward of onto his side, his sleeping string bag peeling slack his coffer and need with his movement.

He took in a serious breath, contents his lungs with heat up air and causing him to wail in inconvenience. It was the mesial of summer and Rig 7 had been assigned to release a case to a distant village. They could have drained a effortless mission, possibly something in the premeditated shade of the forest. Of dispatch though, Naruto had to open his big utter and got them landed spending a night in a crappy tent on one of the hottest nights of the year.

Sasuke wouldn't have so much to complain close by, after all it was a B rank vocation, but what pissed him off was the items that he had to share his tent with Sakura.


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Lying to rectify a previous lie? Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Sakura H., Sasuke U. features, her body revealed her as a very sexy seventeen-year-old. Sakura and Sasuke they found it other after a time, the surprise invade to Sakura, and the memories are coming, love, drama and passion is in..

This is for my friend Amathie, my first attempt at this kinda shit. So, I don't typically write this kinda stuff, unless I have a request. She was wearing a blue halter that was cut 3 inches above her stomach, a silver short skirt, black fishnet leggings and knee length boots. A black bandana tied her hair up, like she usually did with her Konaha headband. Sasuke was wearing black jeans and a blue t-shirt with the Uchiha symbol on it. Pretty hot yourself, Sasuke-kun. Sorry if I misspelled it " They both said, and dug into their dinner, talking over stuff like missions, and the ANBU mission they both had with Kiba and Neji the day after tomorrow.

Both were really making out passionately, and as all good things must come to an end, the doorbell rang. Please open this door.

That is the smuttiest fic I am ever accepted to write. Up until now that is. And okay, I lied, I said there would be a storyline with that, but really, it's rightful going to be a bunch of chapters with the smuttiest lemons at any point. You see, I beginning came up with that idea because I vision I needed to better my writing when it came to lemons. I'm so unsatisfied every month I write them. So I came up with the idea of that fic so that I could experience writing approximately them in different situations, different places and many positions.

I do not own Naruto. I only own the perverseness of this fic. Just Sasuke and Sakura locked up in a room together. No plot, just heavy sexual content. If you're not into such graphic material, I'd advice you not to read. Sasuke purposely locked them in and threw the key out the window. Just Sakura, in all her sexy glory, and himself. She was within his grasp and, this time, he won't let the chance pass him by. Sakura's expression went from confused about Sasuke's true intentions to worried as she watched him approach her with a stoic and cold expression.

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Sakura and sasuke sexy

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