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DESCRIPTION: Eva Angelina born March 14, [1] is the stage name of an American pornographic actressfeature dancerand real estate agent.

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Alicia Mountain thinks its sick how girls use babys as weapons it will only shoot them in the foot in the long run the kids WILL find out. I Danny mountain eva angelina the main reason Danny married Danny mountain eva angelina is so he can get his green card.

Now friends of Danny and Eva are saying:. Some say for immigration purposes. He has a plan so he can stay in the country. Danny mountain eva angelina it was that easy, many more Americans would be marrying foreigners so to help them legally stay here. And 14 months of marriage is no way long enough to be able to stay here and become a citizen. He beats a woman that Danny mountain eva angelina gave birth three months ago.

And Eva now has a restraining order out on Danny. That alone can get him deported. But his sister is placing the blame all on Eva. If his sister is a nanny and cares for children that much, then how can she support any man who beats his wife with the child possibly at home? If violence is all her daughter witnessed while growing up, then what Danny mountain eva angelina anyone think she would find herself in a healthy, stable relationship as an adult?

They rarely change and it will just get worse. Kudos to Eva for having the strength to leave and not allow her daughter to be a part of this cycle. Gia Jordan and G. Citizenship and residency are two separate things. Green cards are issued as proof of legal residency and are granted to those that can prove, in advance, they have a reason to live here e. They would have to provide proof of a job offer or acceptance into a school. To be eligible to become a naturalized citizen someone has to legally reside in the U.

Once they have filed for naturalization they have to take a test and meet the additional requirements before earning citizenship. Supposedly the backlog of applicants is currently more than six years! He would have to have a green card if he is legally living here.

I would assume his reason for being here initially was employment. I imagine the fact that they have a kid will factor into whether he is allowed to stay.

However, being convicted of a crime does disqualify someone from becoming a citizen, so hopefully she follows through and presses charges.

The pontification over the immigration and divorce thign is really weird. All she says is some random people via the grapevine have speculated he filed for divorce because of immigration issues. I also like how the sister made some obviously emotionally driven random comment on her blog and Darrah starts analyzing it as a rational argument worthy Danny mountain eva angelina deconstruction.

And not just some catty comment made by an angry sister. Only Darrah wraps it up in some kind of journalistic pretension of blogging. Ignoring the fact that the U. They only need a passport to enter the country.

Thanks for the information Kong. So him being here and just arrested for beating his wife is enough I thought to get him kicked out of the country and away from Eva and the baby. But she was okay and nothing happened. Britain is still a class system and citizenship is based on ancestry.

Meggan is a wild child. If she was missing, it was her own doing. Beautiful girl, but definitely into crazy behavior. USCIS is responsible for immigration, naturalization and asylum.

And ICE is responsible for enforcement, investigation and deportation. All this used to fall under one agency, the INS. Ironic considering DHS was created to enhance communication and efficiency between agencies. I never said Danny sexually abused anyone. I think I also said he might one day beat the daughter like many men do and turn on the kids too. Not all the time but many do attack the kids too. Many who are drunk, like how he was, do abuse the children too.

He never abused the daughter but could have in the future if Eva stayed. I think all you guys would benefit from a good old history lesson.

If it had not Danny mountain eva angelina for an Englishman discovering America, then none of you or your families would be around today to even discuss these issues, which by the way have nothing to do with you in the first place. If looking Danny mountain eva angelina various lifestyles interest you so much, then come on, Danny mountain eva angelina your miserable life in print, let us all read about your miserable life, because god only knows it must be so uninteresting that you have Danny mountain eva angelina interfere with people that you know nothing about.

People like you really frustrate me, just go grab yourself a coke and a smile, and always remember, you owe your history to us English. The same wives that was financially supporting Danny mountain eva angelina too?

Eva filed the report and there were witnesses and there are pictures. I feel sorry for the kid. So the little girl have to grow-up accommodating to her parents selfishness to have Danny mountain eva angelina accessory kid. That will Danny mountain eva angelina help her self-esteem… or maybe her parents already planning her career path? Eva has to work. Daughter is still a baby and Eva can work non stop these next few years and save up her money so to stay home with her daughter when she starts school.

This article appears to be a cheap cashing-in on some bad news — all hear say and delicious bias. Great for flippancy, poor for fact. This story, which casts Danny as the quintessential malignant narcissist while making Eva out to be a tormented and struggling refugee of a broken love, is just another fumbling, gawky valentine to another of his crushes.

And, yes, legally actionable. Do any of you know what really happened? Do any of you truly,and i mean truly,know what happened? But he did and that is the only reason he stays.

He met Eva,in England,and believe it or not fell in love with her. Yes,to all those critics out there fell in love i should know i lived with him. Not with Eva,of course not,she is fake,with Nicole.

And i know who fed her 1am 5am middle of the night feeds. Who paced the floor when Danny mountain eva angelina cried in pain with colic,who went to bed cos tired and never came out their bedroom for 12hrs! Who refused to get their breastmilk up cos they had to lose weight, cept a sachet of low fat tuna, not even enough for a cat ,i know,i was there.

She had no say,her commitments to contracts must be met,and she committed. I watched her Danny mountain eva angelina follow the most strictest routines and cry with so much stress and pressure on her shoulders,only to take it out on Danny. Danny never Danny mountain eva angelina her,battered her etc etc,whatever maybe said and neither did Alicia his sister look Danny mountain eva angelina a green card.

Alicia has now returned to UK working successfully. Danny,however will remain there irrelevant of whether he wishes to or not but to support his child. Is that so Danny mountain eva angelina No none of us were there.

But there was a police report, a restraining order, what Eva said, and what others like Rhyse Richards have said. His friends will defend him and hers will defend her. But there was Danny mountain eva angelina police report and a restraining order Danny mountain eva angelina and executed. There are three sides to every story. His, hers, and what really happened. If Danny mountain eva angelina hits someone else, the reasonable thing would be to expect some sort of retaliation, regardless of who you are.

Maybe she flat out lied. Given the disparities in their weight, size, and gender, whatever she may have done would not grant him license to hit her. If she had hit him, he should have Danny mountain eva angelina up and walked away.

Houston, what world are you living it? If anyone hits another person regardless of gender, you should expect a reaction. Danny mountain eva angelina, size, and gender has nothing to do with it.

My babe is easily 10 inches and 80 lbs lighter than me and I know for a fact that she could kick my ass. We could probably argue that there is another layer of more unlikely, but here blameworthy, type of reflexive reaction that might make a man hit a woman instinctly should a woman hit them.

Theoretically, we can Danny mountain eva angelina back and forth about what happened here between these two people, and try to construct hypotheticals that place or purge blame on one or the other.

If a woman hits a man, then he hits her back, Danny mountain eva angelina both should be arrested. There is also the reality that someone as large as Danny is going to be less likely given any benefit of the doubt in such matters so whatever your leanings, just the expense of dealing with the authorities should be enough for him to back off.

Tiger Woods had the sense to walk away and not hit his wife back. And she went after him with a golf club.

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Even the nice girls? Watch eva angelina fucked danny mountain on, the best internet porn site. Watch and download eva angelina fucked danny mountain the . Opinion/Editorial Danny's sister Alicia Mountain's has this to say on her divorce between Eva Angelina and Danny Mountain won't be going..

Alicia Mountain thinks its sick how girls use babys as weapons it will only shoot them in the foot in the long run the kids WILL find out. I believe the main reason Danny married Eva is so he can get his green card. Now friends of Danny and Eva are saying:. Some say for immigration purposes. He has a plan so he can stay in the country. If it was that easy, many more Americans would be marrying foreigners so to help them legally stay here.

And 14 months of marriage is no way long enough to be able to stay here and become a citizen. He beats a woman that just gave birth three months ago. And Eva now has a restraining order out on Danny.

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  • Opinion/Editorial Danny's sister Alicia Mountain's has this to say on her divorce between Eva Angelina and Danny Mountain won't be going.


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