U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites

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DESCRIPTION: Case of the Urgonian Limestone, France.

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PDF | Dating sedimentary carbonates using the U-Pb method can help improve the Phanerozoic timescale. Using a novel combination of. Title: U-Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites. Authors: Li, Q.; Parrish, R. R.; Horstwood, M. S. A.; McArthur, J. M.. Publication: Chemical Geology, vol. U-Pb dating of calcite cement and diagenetic history in microporous carbonate reservoirs: Case of the Urgonian Limestone, France.

Cretaceous, Late Mesozoic ammonites, Pt. I - Dating Chatroom!

Case of the Urgonian Limestone, France. Geology ; 46 3: In such deposits, assessing the exact timing of reservoir property stabilization is critical to better understand the postdepositional processes favorable to the creation or preservation of porosity. However, placing reliable and accurate chronological constraints on the formation of microporosity in these reservoirs is a major challenge.

In this study we performed absolute U-Pb dating of calcite cements occurring in the Urgonian microporous limestone northern Tethys margin of southeastern France. U-Pb ages ranging between Our results show that 1 the mineralogical stabilization process responsible for the formation of an excellent pervasive microporous network took place relatively early, and 2 the so-acquired reservoir quality was preserved for more than 90 m. These observations emphasize the importance of long exposure periods and associated meteoric influx for the formation and preservation of good microporous reservoirs.

Establishing the relative chronology of diagenetic transformation paragenesis from thin section U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites is of outmost importance but it is not sufficient to link the evolution of petrophysical properties in reservoirs with basin-scale structural and burial events in a proper temporal framework. Prior studies have shown the importance of absolute dating of diagenetic cements, which may lead to major reinterpretation of the thermal history and the potential timing of oil generation, migration, and accumulation Mark et al.

More specifically, the determination of absolute ages of diagenetic events such as micrite stabilization or massive low-Mg calcite cementation in relation to burial history and sea-level fluctuations would greatly improve our ability to constrain the overall reservoir evolution and the key processes preserving or enhancing reservoir quality in microporous carbonates. Although most of these processes are thought to occur during early diagenesis, recent studies have shown that they could also take place later.

U-Pb radiometric dating is the only absolute geochronometer applicable to diagenetic carbonates. However, the most robust and accurate technique based on acid dissolution followed by isotope dilution remains inapplicable in many cases because of either low uranium or high common lead content, or because of the impossibility of microsampling a single monogeneration diagenetic cement of interest. Recent development of U-Pb dating of carbonates by laser ablation—inductively coupled plasma—mass spectrometry LA-ICP-MS applied directly on thin sections or slabs opened a wealth of possibilities with which to date calcite-cemented fossils Li et al.

However, this very promising method is currently hindered by the lack of appropriately calibrated carbonate standards and international reference material for data correction interelement and isotopic fractionation. In our study we combined the advantages of the two approaches, the rapid identification of appropriate samples by use of the laser U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites technique and the accuracy of isotope dilution to obtain robust absolute ages on the formation of microporosity in a typical micritic carbonate formation.

The giant oil resources U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites in such microporous reservoirs motivated significant efforts to understand their genesis and evolution Volery et al. Two main generations of calcite cement, S1 and U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites, have been documented in the formation, based on petrographical U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites textural evidence showing a continuum from the S1 microsparite to the S2 blocky calcite.

Note that the S1 phase is too small and inclusion rich to be subsampled for U-Pb dating purposes. The UL is marked by several short-term syn-Urgonian exposures as well as a major regional post-Urgonian subaerial exposure ca. The dissolution of metastable minerals, mainly composed of rudist aragonitic shells and small-sized micrite particles, provided solutes to U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites the development of low-Mg calcite overgrowth around more stable, large-size, calcite particles, according to a process called micrite stabilization Volery et al.

This process is critical in microporosity preservation, not only because it improves connectivity between micropores, eventually increasing permeability, but also because it enhances resistance to compaction during burial. Such cementation and stabilization processes are commonly invoked in formation of microporous reservoirs Volery et al. Coarse U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites blocky calcite interpreted as S2 occurs within the U2 stratigraphic unit Fig.

Several samples of the low-Mg calcite S2 representative of this particular diagenetic phase along the platform were investigated for U-Pb dating. The S2 calcite is therefore the best candidate to constrain the timing and duration of micrite stabilization responsible for the preservation and excellent reservoir quality of the studied formation. All samples were collected in a U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites unit U2 within the main reservoir facies.

Seven samples of well-developed sparry crystals of vug-filling calcite were selected for U-Pb dating. The Simiane sample two fragments in the same sample displays a more complex pattern see Item DR1with data spread in two different sets, suggesting the existence of two distinct isochrons. The first set shows 42 laser spots nicely aligned, forming an isochron at The second set 32 laser spots shows a significantly younger age at Several samples 11 spots are intermediate between the two sets.

Ages for samples from La Nesque and Rustrel are Excluding Simiane, the four other sites can be considered as representative of a same calcite generation yielding a weighted mean age for S2 of This Turonian age is considered as representing the absolute time of the fluid circulation event responsible for S2 cementation at the regional scale. Our results demonstrate that the extensive and first occurrence of massive cementation phase of low-Mg calcite S2 took place at This would be consistent with meteoric water percolation during the Durancian exposure period.

Such a duration U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites at odds with U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites diagenetic studies in U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites environments showing that complete occlusion of macroporosity by low-Mg calcite in shallow phreatic environment can be very short, i. Budd, ; Whitaker and Smart, We then propose the alternate hypothesis that the Durancian phase exposure event would be younger by several million years upper constraint tied to the late Cenomanian at 94 Ma than previously estimated, ca.

Overall the present-day reservoir quality U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites at the outcrop was thus acquired relatively early in the geological history of the UL, but more important, it was preserved from degradation cementation, compaction to the present day, i.

The age map shown in Figure 3 illustrates that the young calcite is preferentially located in the central part of the vug, consistent with a later precipitation. The 34 Ma fluid circulation event cemented the residual macroporosity of the reservoir but did not affect the UL microporosity, or it implies that a greater porosity existed before this circulation event than currently measured at the site.

Although the 34 Ma age of the late calcite must be taken with caution, it brings useful information for the understanding of fluid circulations and diagenetic evolution of the UL. In particular, this event may be related to meteoric fluid circulations caused by the extensional regime during the western European rifting see Pisapia et al. The results of this study indicate that the extended exposure period that favored inflow of meteoric waters in the UL under humid climate is favorable for promoting micrite stabilization and porosity preservation in microporous reservoirs and constitutes a key phase in the diagenetic evolution of the microporous limestone.

In the UL, the process of micrite stabilization was not syndepositional, as often proposed e. However, this is U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites line with several other studies Israelson et al. One of the outcomes of this study is that metastable minerals remain unaltered from their deposition until the Durancian exposure i. This somewhat unexpected finding may be explained by the arid climate that prevailed during UL deposition Ruffell and Batten,limiting the diagenetic evolution and metastable mineral dissolution Hird and Tucker, ; James and Choquette, The results of this study bring chronological milestones that allow us to reconstruct the evolution of petrophysical properties and reservoir quality of the U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites through geological time Fig.

The high spatial resolution provided by the LA-ICP-MS technique permitted, for the first time, documentation of model age maps for two different diagenetic cements hardly distinguishable texturally and petrographically, and actually related to two distinct major tectonic events that favored meteoric fluid circulation in the UL.

This study illustrates the valuable information provided by absolute radiometric dating to better understand diagenetic processes and evolution of carbonate platforms. Many Jurassic and Cretaceous microporous reservoirs exhibit similarities in diagenetic evolution and petrophysical properties, and specifically illustrate the importance of meteoric diagenesis related to exposure events Deville de Periere et al.

The successful application of U-Pb dating of diagenetic cements in the UL highlights the great potential of radiometric dating to help unravel the complex diagenetic histories and subsequent architecture heterogeneities in carbonate reservoirs, especially those from the Middle East. This paper greatly benefited from constructive comments by P. Whitaker, and an anonymous reviewer. We are grateful to C.

Vidal for the stable isotope analyses, and to U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites. Map showing the distribution of a selection of well-known microporous carbonates in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Stars show microporous limestones of Late Jurassic age. Squares represent microporous reservoirs of Late Cretaceous age.

Map of the three main units of the Provence UL and sampling locations. All samples investigated in this study come from U2, which is composed of grainstone rudist-rich facies microporous reservoir unitcollected at La Nesque, Col de la Ligne, Font Jouvale Rustrel, and Simiane. Isotope dilution ID, black arrows showing the data and laser ablation LA isochrons for Rustrel southeastern France sample a—blocky calcite S2 in a vug; b—blocky calcite S2 in inner rudist shell.

MSWD—mean square of weighted deviates. Square symbols represent the model ages of each single spot using common lead determined with isotope dilution. They show that the innermost part of the sparry calcite is younger red squares. Sign In or Create an Account. Research Article January 24, U-Pb U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites of calcite cement and U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites history in microporous carbonate reservoirs: Pierre Deschamps Pierre Deschamps.

Abel Guihou Abel Guihou. Philippe Leonide Philippe Leonide. Anthony Tendil Anthony Tendil. Axel Gerdes Axel Gerdes. Bruno Hamelin Bruno Hamelin. Geology 46 3: Standard View Views Icon Views. This paper is published under the terms of the U-pb dating of cements in mesozoic ammonites license.

View large Download slide. Volume 46, Number 3. Previous Article Next Article. Implications for carbonate reservoir characterisation. Aragonite-to-calcite transformation during fresh-water diagenesis of carbonates: Insights from pore-water chemistry. Early hydrothermal carbon uptake by the upper oceanic crust: Insight from in situ U-Pb dating. Morphometry of micrite particles in Cretaceous microporous limestones of the Middle East: Influence on reservoir properties.

Contrasting diagenesis of two Carboniferous oolites from South Wales: A tale of climatic influence. U-Pb dating of calcite concretions from Cambrian black shales and the Phanerozoic time scale. Relationships between fracture patterns, geodynamics and mechanical stratigraphy in carbonates South-East Basin, France. Diagenetic patterns and pore space distribution along a platform to outer-shelf transect Urgonian limestone, Barremian—Aptian, SE France. New insights on western Europe major tectonic events and associated diagenetic fluids.

U-Pb geochronology of calcite-mineralized faults: Absolute timing of rift-related fault events on the northeast Atlantic margin.

  • These U-Pb dates of cements are 10 to 20 Myr younger than the numerical ages of the biostratigraphic intervals from which the ammonites. PDF | Dating sedimentary carbonates using the U-Pb method can help improve the Phanerozoic timescale. Using a novel combination of.
  • These U-Pb dates of cements are 10 to 20 Myr younger Cement than the numerical ages of the biostratigraphic intervals from which the ammonites derive.
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  • Title: U-Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites. Authors: Li, Q.; Parrish, R. R.; Horstwood, M. S. A.; McArthur, J. M.. Publication: Chemical Geology, vol. (i) U-Pb incorporation during carbonate rock deposition/formation; () undertook U-Pb dating on early calcite cements in Mesozoic ammonites with.
  • Krogh, T. E. () Improved accuracy of U–Pb zircon ages by the creation of and McArthur, J. M. () U–Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites.
  • U-Pb dating of calcite cement and diagenetic history in microporous carbonate reservoirs: Case of the Urgonian Limestone, France. This study shows that U/Pb dating of secondary geodic calcite offers a .. on spar cements, vugs or fracture infillings of Mesozoic carbonated.
  • U–Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites | John M McArthur and Q. Li -
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Changing perception of dating, normal? Title: U-Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites. Authors: Li, Q.; Parrish, R. R.; Horstwood, M. S. A.; McArthur, J. M.. Publication: Chemical Geology, vol. Krogh, T. E. () Improved accuracy of U–Pb zircon ages by the creation of and McArthur, J. M. () U–Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites..

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Title: U-Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites. Authors: Li, Q.; Parrish, R. R.; Horstwood, M. S. A.; McArthur, J. M.. Publication: Chemical Geology, vol. (i) U-Pb incorporation during carbonate rock deposition/formation; () undertook U-Pb dating on early calcite cements in Mesozoic ammonites with. Krogh, T. E. () Improved accuracy of U–Pb zircon ages by the creation of and McArthur, J. M. () U–Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonites.

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